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BULGARKA NATURALS is the end result of a labour of love and one’s passion for nature, natural herbs and organic products. It is a reminder of how to live again in harmony with nature, something we, as a society, have forgotten to do. It is a collaboration  between  our Canadian company Bulgarka Naturals owned by a person with strong roots and  knowledge regarding the Bulgarian natural plant resources with one of the oldest Rose Distilleries in Bulgaria producing, for centuries, the best quality products.   

BULGARKA NATURALS is dedicated to bringing to its customers worldwide the highest quality of 100% Natural and Organic Bulgarian Products from the old continent of Europe to everyone’s home. Bulgarian Herbs are known worldwide to have exceptional medicinal and cosmetic qualities. These qualities are due to the geographic location of Bulgaria with its climate and soil composition and more specifically in the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

Our products have been locally grown and produced in the cleanest parts of the famous Rose Valley, home of over 1800 worldwide known herbs with proven superb quality of medicinal and cosmetic nature. Our Organic products have been tested and certified by the European Union standards for Organic products and have an European Union sign for Organic products on every Bulgarka Naturals organic product label. Every product batch is tested individually to make sure those standards are met every time. Every batch of Bulgarka Naturals products have been tested at the Licensed Accredited National Bulgarian Laboratory specialized in testing of natural and organic herbal products. Every product has its own COA - Certificate of Analysis. We know how much of each essential product and other compounds are contained in every batch and this guarantees the quality of our products. We have obtained all proper and applicable documentation for the sale of our products.

Bulgarka Naturals features five collections 

  • The Rose Collection contains 100% Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Products in 100 ml and 330 ml glass bottles and Bulgarian Organic Rose Water Products in 100 ml glass frosted bottles.
  • The Lavender Collection contains 100% Natural  Bulgarian Organic Lavender Water in a 100 ml glass bottle  and Pure  Bulgarian Organic essential oil in 30 ml and 10 ml in dark blue glass bottles. 
  • Organic Essential Oils Collection. Currently this collections features only 100% Pure Bulgarian Organic Lavender Essential Oils available in 10ml and 30 ml.
    Awaiting upcoming variety of up to 40 different Pure Bulgarian Essential Oils within the next year.
  • Organic Products Collection consists of Bulgarian Organic
    products Only.
  • Natural Products Collection consists of Bulgarian Natural Products Only.

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